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University Run Summer Programs

West Chester University

ASAP! The Actuarial Science Academy Program of West Chester University
ASAP! will host rising high school seniors who have been recognized by their high school mathematics or science teachers as having a strong aptitude for mathematics for a three-day immersion into the life of an actuary and college student during the summer followed by a one-day shadow experience at the university in the fall. It is aimed to educate participating scholars about the Actuarial Science career and show that being good at math is cool and rewarding. Along the way, the scholars will be introduced to many of the services WCU and its Mathematics Department provides; sessions with Admissions and Financial Aid will also be provided.

Howard University

Center for Insurance Education Summer Actuarial Program
The Summer Actuarial Program is an educational enrichment experience in mathematics, statistics, computers, business, and actuarial careers for exceptional mathematics high school juniors. It is devoted to helping strong mathematics students improve their skills and providing information about business and actuarial careers.

Illinois State University

Minority High School Scholars Actuarial Academy
The one-week program is designed especially for above-average African-American, Hispanic, and Native American high school students who excel in mathematics, enjoy learning, and like to solve complicated problems. If you have a passion for mathematics and an appetite for knowledge, you may have what it takes to be an actuary. This program will help you decide if an actuarial career is a way to use your mathematical ability.

Lebanon Valley College

Summer Scholars: Actuarial Science
The actuarial science summer camp is a week-long intensive program for rising high school seniors designed to help them decide if they're interested in actuarial work. Lebanon Valley College has had a successful actuarial science program for more than 40 years, and have run this summer camp for more than two decades.

Morgan State University

Summer Academy of Actuarial and Mathematical Sciences
The Summer Academy of Actuarial and Mathematical Sciences (SAAMS), sponsored by the Morgan State University Actuarial Science Program is a six-week academic summer program designed primarily for students preparing to enter the 12th grade, as well as for graduating high school seniors, who have exceptional interests in attending university to pursue math- and actuarial science-based careers and the drive to increase their Mathematics and Computer Science skills. This summer approximately 30-36 students will be selected to receive innovative classroom instruction as well as hands-on experiences in Mathematics and Computer Science. Students will also get the chance to explore various careers in mathematics and actuarial science through field trips and guest speakers.